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 Cancer Self-Care Workshops

 As a breast cancer survivor, it has become my mission to help others navigate the ill side effects of chemo and radiation.  Finding a non-judgmental environment to help re-establish my self-esteem and inner confidence was challenging.   

These workshops will focus on how to re-create your brows, lashes, wig/hair styling, color-correcting your complexion, and skincare. These tips and tricks are aimed to help regain a sense of normalcy. 

Mirrors and makeup will be provided for you to follow along with in class. Please feel free to bring in your products. 

Alex from Alexandra Healing Spa will discuss ways the cancer care benefits of acupuncture. Her healing energy was integral to my mental well-being and a natural alternative to pain management, enabling me to focus on my recovery.

Martina from Love your Vessel International will be in attendance to take your self-empowerment photos.  Her mission is to help women through body image acceptance and to love themselves again.

Makeup Lesson

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Professional Hair and Makeup Artist
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